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How 3-G fixed wireless compared to Air cards:

Air Cards and Fixed wireless each provide unique advantages. Air cards are less expensive than fixed wireless, and are able to provide portable bandwidth for laptops. Air Cards are designed to work with a single provider. Fixed wireless can be used by multiple users at a fixed location. Because fixed wireless utilizes two, much larger antennas, and allows you the use of any of the three largest cell providers that serve your specific location, 3-G fixed wireless commonly provides much higher bandwidth than an Air Card. In summary, for single users who need bandwidth mobility, Air cards are often the preferred choice. For those who operate from a fixed location, like a small office, and need more bandwidth to accommodate multiple users, fixed wireless is commonly the preferred choice. For specific pricing and availability of fixed wireless, DSL, and T1, please use the link below this article for access to our patented real time pricing and availability tool.  

Fixed wireless provides many advantages over satellite service. Most satellite services require expensive equipment and install charges, often averaging between $700 to $1000. The total setup charge for fixed wireless is $99. Satellite service often takes several weeks to provision. Fixed wireless can often be provisioned within 3 business days. Because a satellite signal often travels tens of thousands of miles before it reaches fiber, a circuit provided by satellite often suffers from much latency and packet loss. Fixed wireless only travels through our atmosphere to the nearest cell tower (often less than a mile) so packet loss and latency are very seldom an issue. Most satellite plans limit monthly usage. This is often called a “fair user access plan”. If monthly usage limits are exceeded by the satellite customer, the circuit is usually blocked by the provider as a penalty. Fixed wireless has no limit on monthly usage. With fixed wireless, the customer has unlimited usage of maximum bandwidth levels without fear of penalty.  

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