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How 3-G fixed wireless compared to Air cards:

Air Cards and Fixed wireless each provide unique advantages. Air cards are less expensive than fixed wireless, and are able to provide portable bandwidth for laptops. Air Cards are designed to work with a single provider. Fixed wireless can be used by multiple users at a fixed location. Because fixed wireless utilizes two, much larger antennas, and allows you the use of any of the three largest cell providers that serve your specific location, 3-G fixed wireless commonly provides much higher bandwidth than an Air Card. In summary, for single users who need bandwidth mobility, Air cards are often the preferred choice. For those who operate from a fixed location, like a small office, and need more bandwidth to accommodate multiple users, fixed wireless is commonly the preferred choice. For specific pricing and availability of fixed wireless, DSL, and T1, please use the link below this article for access to our patented real time pricing and availability tool.  

Fixed wireless is an excellent source of circuit redundancy. Circuit redundancy is available when a business receives it’s bandwidth through more than one source, so that if one source such as telephone lines are disabled, other sources, such as satellite, cable, fixed wireless, will provide backup bandwidth. Many businesses seek circuit redundancy because bandwidth downtime is extremely expensive. Bandwidth (both voice and data) is now the primary communication channel between businesses and their customers, between the employees within a company, and between a company with many branches located in other geographic locations. In this day and age, loss of bandwidth can be crippling to businesses. Imagine a company that is completely cut off from its customers for four hours, two days, a week, or a month because their primary landline bandwidth circuit has been severed due to an accident, or a natural disaster. Not only does this company lose the business of customers during the time of the outage, but they may also lose credibility with their customers, for not being available when needed. There may also be another expensive long term ramification of bandwidth outages. If customers cannot reach a business during an outage, do most customers sit and wait for the outage to be over, or do they seek other similar businesses which are available and can meet their needs immediately? The most expensive aspect of bandwidth outages might be the permanent loss of customers to competitors. Another cost of lack of circuit redundancy which should be discussed, is the cost of employees sitting idle because they are cut off from customers and vendors outside the company. What would be the cost of 100 or 1000 employees sitting idle for one day? Fixed wireless is an extremely redundant circuit, because it enters the business through the air, not through copper wires or fiber. If the copper or fiber is severed, fixed wireless serves as an excellent backup, because it enters the building from a completely independent source.  

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